I’m a procrastinator. If there isn’t any grade or deadline or money pushing me to do something, often it doesn’t get done. Thus, months without blogging here. I’d apologize, but who really reads this anyways? Any how many times can one person read another damn blog post about the guilt garnered from not posting. Seriously, there are bigger fish to fry in the skillet of life an no one will really suffer at the hands of me, lagging in my blogging skills. Ranting aside, there is so much happening musically that my little fingers can hardly sustain their excitement.

Tampa is in the thick of an epic concert season. Personally, the summer extravangaza of Bonnaroo left little to be desired in the following months. I had the pleasure of covering Bonnaroo 2010 for Creative Loafing with friend and classmate Andrew Silverstein.

As we all know, my trip last year with Jerrad McLeod from Grand National Championships rivaled many of the historical greek tragedies.

Note this excerpt following our return:

“We are sitting amongst various blankets and bags on the side of a road in Lake City, Florida. Four tow trucks later and several hundred dollars gone-we are still not home-luckily my cousin Bradley is on his way to pick us up. My mother’s 2005 Suzuki Vitara’s illness still remains unknown-perhaps the computer for the whole car is broken-perhaps there is sugar in the gas tank. It was towed to a dealership in Gainsville about two hours ago-at my father’s expense-39 miles at 5 dollars a mile.

And yet our voyage has been dotted with ominous and wise characters very similar to the Odyssey-Mainly tow truck drivers or grease dipped mechanics. Honest people-doing honest work, helping us to the best of their ability. Racism is rampant in these parts and so inherently part of the culture it catches me off guard regulary. Its not even sugar-coated, like our gas tank may be, its just there-real and raw.

Those lessons were hard, I was but a naive little ‘Roo”gin”. Not this year. Read my preview blog on what to do and NOT DO while attending Bonnaroo.

Attending my second Bonnaroo, I knew the ropes better and was able to work during the day interviewing and writing and get out at night to check out the shows. You can read our full coverage here-